Saturday, 20 April 2013

When Will Fairy Tail Episode 176 Come Out?

1. The anime will stop at episode 175 and continue way later if the show seems to still be able to gather viewers
2. There will not be fillers, the new oracion seis was a test that failed horribly
3. What will happen on April 6th, is that the reruns of Fairy Tail will start
4. The wiki is incorrect, at least on the airing date, and possibly on everything else.
This, basically. 

This thread has gone off-topic and we all know now that episode 176 won't air in April.

Thread closed.

FAIRY TAIL Episode 176 on April 6 2013?
according to fairytail.wikia there is going to be a episode 176 sooner then we thoughtbecause on site it says it wil air on the 6th of April 2013 so there wil be no break.

of course we can't be sure till the day comes because we all know everyone can eddit wiki as they like,

but if we consider the latest tweet of Hiro Mashima from his official twitter (he said if you didn't read it yet *I have a meeting of the storyboard.*) so there is high a possibility that what FT Wiki tells us is truth.


FT wiki is the only source we have for now, when I find more info I will update this post.


  1. august.. still no episode

  2. 03 October 2013...No new epidsode....

  3. 07 October 2013 still no new damn episode

  4. October 28 year 2022 no new episode

  5. Nothing on 10/29/2013 either :(

  6. 5 of December still no new episode

  7. fairy tail anime will be on air from next month for more info visit

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  8. fairy tail anime will be on air from next month here is preview of next season

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