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D.Gray-man(驅魔少年) My Lover Anime & Popular

D.Gray-man (ディー・グレイマン Dī Gureiman?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. The series tells the story of a boy named Allen Walker, a member of an organization of Exorcists who makes use of an ancient substance called Innocence to combat theMillennium Earl and his demonic army of akuma. Many characters and their designs were adapted from some of Katsura Hoshino's previous works and drafts, such as Zone and Continue, and her assistants.
The manga began serialization in 2004 in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, published by Shueisha under their Jump Comics imprint, and to date, 23 collected volumes have been released. It made the transition from weekly to monthly series in November 2009, when it began serialization in Jump SQ. There is also a spin-off novel series titled D.Gray-man Reverse, authored by Kaya Kizaki, that explores the history of various characters. As of July 3, 2012, Viz Media has released the first twenty two volumes in the United States. The manga has also been adapted into a 103 episode animeseries that aired from October 3, 2006 to September 30, 2008 in Japan. The anime is licensed by Funimation Entertainment in North America.
The manga series has become one of the best-sellers for Shueisha. During its second release week, the 15th volume of the manga ranked as the second best selling comic in Japan. Although most reviewers compared it to other series from the same genre, they praised its moments of originality and its well-developed characters and their personalities.

驅魔少年》(日语ディーグレイマン/D.Gray-man)是從2004年起,在《週刊少年Jump》上開始連載,现仍在连载中的漫畫作品。是日本漫畫家星野桂(HOSHINO KATSURA)的第一部長篇作品。
從《週刊少年Jump2005年49號到2006年2號為止,由於作者急病而暫時停止連載,直到2006年3號才重新繼續連載。作者於2008年11月因急病再度停載,2009年3月《週刊少年Jump》15號重新連載至第186夜後再度休載,於2009年8月在《週刊少年Jump的增刊號(赤マルジャンプ)》重新連載至第187夜,其後再轉移至2009年11月發售的12月號《Jump Square》正式開始連載。

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When Will Fairy Tail Episode 176 Come Out?

1. The anime will stop at episode 175 and continue way later if the show seems to still be able to gather viewers
2. There will not be fillers, the new oracion seis was a test that failed horribly
3. What will happen on April 6th, is that the reruns of Fairy Tail will start
4. The wiki is incorrect, at least on the airing date, and possibly on everything else.
This, basically. 

This thread has gone off-topic and we all know now that episode 176 won't air in April.

Thread closed.

FAIRY TAIL Episode 176 on April 6 2013?
according to fairytail.wikia there is going to be a episode 176 sooner then we thoughtbecause on site it says it wil air on the 6th of April 2013 so there wil be no break.

of course we can't be sure till the day comes because we all know everyone can eddit wiki as they like,

but if we consider the latest tweet of Hiro Mashima from his official twitter (he said if you didn't read it yet *I have a meeting of the storyboard.*) so there is high a possibility that what FT Wiki tells us is truth.


FT wiki is the only source we have for now, when I find more info I will update this post.

Fairy Tail (Guild) And 3 Three Powerful Magic Spells

Fairy Tail has three powerful Magic spells associated with the guild. They are as follows:

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Chrome Shelled Regios(鋼殼都市雷吉歐斯)<鋼殻のレギオス>Most Popular ~

Chrome Shelled Regios (鋼殻のレギオス Kōkaku no Regiosu)

 is a Japanese light novel series by Shūsuke Amagi, with illustrations by Miyū. A short story light novel series is serialized in Dragon Magazine. A manga adaptation drawn by Miyū is serialized in the shōnen manga magazineDragon Age Pure. A second manga adaptation drawn by Nodoka Kiyose is serialized in the shōnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age. A third manga adaptation drawn by Watari is serialized in Beans Ace magazine. A four-panel comic strip adaptation drawn by Masumi Futaba started serialization in Monthly Dragon Age on November 8, 2008. A science fiction light novel series titled Legend of Regios is set in the past world ofChrome Shelled Regios series, and published by Fujimi Shobo under its Style-F label. An anime adaptation produced by Zexcs aired on January 11, 2009 to June 20, 2009 and is licensed in North America by Funimation Entertainment.


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Buso Renkin(武裝鍊金)Renew all 1~26@

Buso Renkin (武装錬金 Busō Renkin?, lit. "Arms Alchemy") is a manga series written and drawn by Nobuhiro Watsuki, the creator of Rurouni Kenshin, with occasional writing assistance from his wife Kaoru Kurosaki. Buso Renkin was serialized in Shueisha's shōnen magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from June 2003 to 2005, ending at 80 chapters. The individual chapters were collected by Shueisha into ten tankōbon volumes which were released between January 5, 2004 and April 4, 2006. The series has been licensed by Viz Media for North American release.
The manga has been adapted into an anime television series by Xebec, which finished its run in Japan with a total of 26 episodes. On April 27, 2009, the series made its North American television debut on the Funimation Channel. There are also two drama CDs, two light novels, and a PlayStation 2 video game based on the series.


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